Do you know the advantages of the Hammam?

The Hammam, also popularly known as the Turkish Sauna, is the wet variant of the traditional sauna that uses heat to provide our body with numerous benefits, discovered by the Arabs hundreds of years ago.

The main benefits of the Hammam are the elimination of impurities in the skin, the expectorant effect in cases of colds or coughs, and a host of positive effects against stress, anxiety or depression.

The Turkish sauna differs from the traditional sauna in that the temperature is not uniform. Depending on the altitude, the temperature ranges from 25 to 50 degrees, with a relative humidity of about 100%.

Other benefits:

– Increased heart rate and respiration, thereby stimulating the nervous system.
– Removal of impurities and toxins
– Smoother, more velvety skin
– Expectorant effect
– Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
– Deep pore cleansing and acne reduction

And much more relaxing than a traditional sauna!

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