5 things you should know in La Barceloneta

Barcelona is a city full of life, culture and diversity, in it we can find completely different neighborhoods or areas and it is one of its charms. Today we want to tell you 5 things you should know about in La Barceloneta, one of the most visited areas by tourists and locals. Why will it be?

Barceloneta beach

There are miles and miles of beaches all over the Catalan coast, but there are few beaches as special as Barceloneta beach. In it you can enjoy the sea, the different cultures that coexist in it, a long and beautiful promenade full of restaurants and shops that make Barceloneta a peculiar place.

The restaurants

We dare to say that La Barceloneta is one of the places with the most gastronomic variety in Barcelona. If you manage not to get lost in its streets you can find bars and restaurants where you will eat like never before. La Barceloneta is a neighborhood with a lot of life and that characterizes it in a very positive way.

Its stores.
In La Barceloneta you can find everything from small shops, markets, fairs, events, even a shopping center in Port Vell. Balance is found in variety and Barceloneta is a very well-stocked neighborhood in terms of services.

Its accessibility

Barceloneta is very well connected with the rest of Barcelona, you can get there by metro, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. The combinations offered by public transport make it quick and easy to reach the vast majority of areas in Barcelona. The Ronda Litoral also passes through Barceloneta, ideal for leaving Barcelona comfortably and easily.

Its architecture

This neighborhood is one of the oldest in Barcelona, it was an old fishing area where people still live today. Its architecture mixes emblematic buildings of the city along with residential buildings of all kinds. Port Vell is one of the most visited parts of this neighborhood, in it you can find everything from a shopping center, an aquarium, to one of the best cinemas in the city.

We hope you liked our little list of 5 things you should know in La Barceloneta and that you can enjoy this picturesque place to the fullest.

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