The most special day in the city of Barcelona: Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi is a celebration that takes place on 23 April, throughout Catalonia, symbolising the day of love and Catalan culture, characterised by giving books and roses to your loved ones on this day, especially in Barcelona, where the streets are filled with stalls selling roses and books, creating a very special and magical atmosphere.

The origin of Sant Jordi is linked to a legend, La Leyenda de Sant Jordi, which explains that thousands of years ago in Montblanc (municipality of Tarragona), a dragon terrorised the town’s inhabitants by infecting the air and water with its breath, as well as eating all the town’s livestock. The villagers, tired of the situation, decided to sacrifice by lot one person from the village every day to be offered to the dragon as a sign of goodwill. One day it was the turn of the King’s daughter, Princess Cleodolinda, to be sacrificed.

When the princess left her home and was on her way to the dragon, a knight in shining armour named Sant Jordi came to her rescue, raising his sword and slaying the dragon. From the dragon’s blood sprouted a rose bush with the reddest roses ever seen and Sant Jordi plucked one to give it to the princess.

This legend has been a source of inspiration for many artists, among them Antoní Gaudí, who represented the Legend of Sant Jordi in the architecture of the Casa Batlló in Barcelona, a beautiful place to visit especially on the Diada de Sant Jordi, as its façade is filled with red roses.

The best way to enjoy Sant Jordi is to stroll through the city’s central streets, along Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla Catalunya, down to Plaça Sant Jaume and Plaça Reial, and finally along Rambla de les Flors until you reach the seafront promenade.

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