The most romantic routes in Barcelona

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to recommend the most romantic routes in Barcelona to do as a couple. And as usual, today we bring a new article to our blog, dedicated to all those people looking to spend unforgettable moments as a couple.
Horta labyrinth park

It is the oldest preserved garden in Barcelona and for many the most romantic in the city. A combination of architecture and nature worked in detail to offer its visitors a special moment. You also have the possibility of entering its labyrinth, which with the help of your partner you will surely be able to find the exit.

Ciutadella Park

Another mythical park in the city of Barcelona. Unlike the previous one, this one has a navigable water pond where you can enjoy a boat ride and feed the ducks that live there. It is also an ideal place to disconnect and relax with your partner, although at certain times, it is one of the busiest parks in the city.

Carmel bunkers

This is one of our favorite viewpoints, where you can observe the hustle and bustle of the city from a distance and from above. Without a doubt, one of the places that you cannot miss if you visit our city. You can get there by car, motorcycle or public transport, although the climb to the viewpoint is on foot.

Kiss wall

Located in Plaza Isidre Nonell (Barcelona), this wall has become the wall of love par excellence and an icon of the city. Created by Joan Fontcuberta and with the participation of 4,000 citizens, this photomosaic shows a giant kiss. Thousands of people pass by to photograph this wall and some take the opportunity to do it as a couple, also walking through the incredible environment that surrounds it.

Cervantes Park

This is a unique and spectacular park, it contains more than 10,000 rosebushes of 245 different varieties and is worth admiring, especially when it blooms in spring. In addition to the sights and smells that a garden like this offers, it also has sculptures and small architectural works that are very unique and special.

It is located in the Pedralbes neighborhood, next to the university area, and without a doubt one of the places you have to visit to pleasantly surprise your partner.

Finally, we hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day, we remind you that we have a special offer at our hotel to enjoy as a couple. Do not forget to check our blog where you will find fantastic articles related to the city of Barcelona.

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