Routes through Barcelona by bicycle

Barcelona es una ciudad que se puede conocer de diferentes maneras, sin embargo, una de las mejores opciones son las rutas en bicicleta por la ciudad. Una forma sostenible, barata y, sobre todo, saludable de visitar y disfrutar de los lugares más emblemáticos.

Next we are going to leave you different routes that you can take by bicycle through the city of Barcelona. As you can see, there is always the right route for each person because each one of them has different purposes and difficulties.

Route along Carretera de les Aigües: One of the classic places to do a bike route is Carretera de les Aigües, located near Avenida Tibidabo and Collserola Park. It is a low difficulty route with a fairly wide and flat dirt road with views of the city and the sea. You can start from different points of the city, always depending on the time you want to travel and the difficulty.

Route through the Besós Park: This is the perfect route to enjoy with family and young children. It is a very easy route of 5 km in length that goes next to a strip of grass that follows the course of the Besòs river. It is a paved, wide, two-way road marked especially for bicycles.

Tibidabo Route: Climbing Tibidabo by bike is one of the best bike tours to enjoy the city. Recommended for the most athletic and courageous, this route can be started at different points in Barcelona, although it usually starts from Jardinets de Gracia (if you want a longer route) or from Avenida Tibidabo (shorter route). It is a climb up the Tibidabo mountain with different slopes and accompanied by spectacular views of the city. Through it you reach the well-known Tibidabo Amusement Park where you will have a panoramic view of Barcelona.

Coastal Route: If you want to enjoy Barcelona’s beach and the sea breeze, this is the best option. The coastal route begins in Plaza de Colom and takes you along the entire coast of Barcelona and all its beaches. It is a flat and paved route that is usually quite crowded, so, despite the fact that it is perfect for children, you always have to be aware of the people and tourists who are walking.

Montjuic route: It is one of the most popular routes in the city since you can enjoy wonderful views of Barcelona while you can get to know some of the most popular museums, gardens and buildings known as the Palau Sant Jordi. It is recommended to start the route from Plaza España and go up to the top. It is a medium-high level route due to its slopes and curves.

Route through Montserrat: If you are a fan of cycling and you are experienced, we suggest the route through Montserrat. It is one of the most beautiful but with greater difficulty and kilometers that has dirt sections and great unevenness. It is recommended to do it with a mountain bike to facilitate the arrival to its end; the beautiful monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. The route lasts approximately 5 hours and 49 km.

We hope you find your perfect route and are encouraged to do it!

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