Christmas tradition in Barcelona

Barcelona, the city of Barcelona, dresses up every year during the Christmas season. The streets are filled with Christmas lights and decorations, the markets are filled with culinary delights and typical local products and the city takes on a festive air that captivates both Barcelona’s citizens and visitors. In this blog, we explore the Christmas traditions that make Barcelona an enchanting destination during this magical time of year. Will you dare to discover them all? We are sure they will not leave you indifferent.

Lights Illuminating the City

One of the clearest signs that Christmas has arrived in Barcelona is the dazzling display of lights that adorns the city’s most emblematic streets. From Passeig de Gràcia to the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, the city is illuminated in a spectacular display of lights that creates a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

Undoubtedly the most emblematic and outstanding are those of Paseo de Gracia, which end at Plaza Catalunya, the most famous and busiest square in the city. This Christmas decoration stands out from the rest, because unlike the others, the Christmas decorations on this famous promenade can also be enjoyed during the day. The city of Barcelona has chosen a Christmas decoration design that does not go unnoticed at any time. Hanging lights all along Paseo de Gracia at night and beautiful iridescent purple stars during the day, reflecting the rays of sunshine that the city brings us every morning.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition in Barcelona, and one of the best known is the Mercat de Santa Llúcia. Located opposite the cathedral, this market dates back to 1786 and is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the authentic Christmas atmosphere. Here, local artisans offer a wide range of Christmas-related products, from figurines for the nativity scene to handmade decorations and seasonal sweets.

If you’re looking to discover the Catalan tradition of the Tió de Nadal, the Mercat de Santa Llúcia is the perfect place to do so. There you can find a great variety of the popular laughing wooden trunks accompanied by their characteristic Catalan barretina, where you can learn about this beautiful tradition explained by local people.

Another element that stands out in this traditional Catalan Christmas market is the wide variety of “caganers” that you can find. By far, it is the perfect place if you want to find the perfect caganer for your nativity scene, from the most traditional ones, to figures based on Hollywood stars. Can you imagine a Justin Bieber caganer? We bet you’ll find it there!

The Magical Night of Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a particularly important celebration in the city of Barcelona. Families gather to enjoy a delicious dinner, which often includes traditional Catalan dishes such as “cannelloni“, “escudella” and “turron“. After dinner, many attend Midnight Mass at the impressive Sagrada Familia or other historic churches in the city.

From Grums we propose the perfect plan for this special night in the city of Barcelona. Undoubtedly, the highlight of this celebration is the culinary tradition. We recommend you dine on these typical dishes – you can consult the special Christmas Eve menus here – and go to visit the spectacular lights of the city, starting your visit at the emblematic and illuminated Sagrada Familia.

The Celebration of Sant Esteve

The day after Christmas, known as Sant Esteve, is another of Barcelona’s most important public holidays. It is common for families to get together again to share moments of joy and good food, always with the traditional Catalan dishes mentioned above on the table, such as rustit cannelloni and the essential dessert of turrones or typical Christmas sweets. It is also the ideal time to take a stroll around the city and enjoy the Christmas decorations before the New Year arrives.

Would you like to visit the city’s Christmas lights accompanied by a chocolate with churros? It’s the best way to get your strength back for the New Year’s Eve festivities in Barcelona.

The Magical New Year’s Eve

The arrival of the New Year in Barcelona is celebrated with a wide variety of events and festivities. A popular tradition is the “twelve lucky grapes“, where people eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight, each grape representing a wish for each month of the new year.

You can enjoy the chimes live, usually broadcast from the Spanish capital, Madrid, ending with a fireworks display. Without a doubt, this is one of the most festive nights in the city of Barcelona, where citizens go out to celebrate the new year in the streets and nightclubs and nightclubs of the Catalan capital. You’re sure to find the perfect plan for you!

The Three Kings Day Celebration

The Christmas season culminates with the celebration of Three Kings Day on 6 January, although the magic is concentrated on the night before, 5 January. The Three Kings Cavalcade is a parade full of colour and music, which goes through the main streets of the city, while the children anxiously await the arrival of the Three Wise Men to receive gifts and sweets.

Undoubtedly the most outstanding parade in the city is the one in the centre of Barcelona- you can check the updated route and timetable here – which travels through the most emblematic streets of the city, attracting thousands of children who are fascinated by the magic of the show. Not only will you be able to see the Three Wise Men, but you will also be able to enjoy an incomparable spectacle and staging.

In Barcelona, the celebration of Christmas is much more than a festivity, it is a unique experience that unites Catalan tradition with Christmas magic, creating memories for those who are lucky enough to experience it.

Immerse yourself in the Christmas magic of the city of Barcelona and discover how its streets come alive with the festive spirit that characterises it!

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