Do you know the fountain of Canaletes in Barcelona and its history?

This fountain may ring a bell from when the Futbol Club Barcelona wins, as Barça fans tend to gather at this fountain after the victories of their team, to celebrate from the first half of the 20th century. In addition to being on the most famous street in Barcelona, near our Grums hotel, it is one of the most emblematic spots in the city and has a very curious history.

In the 1930s, Barça supporters, also known as “Culés”, used to go down to the Ramblas to find out the results of the match, where they signed up on a blackboard hanging in the newsroom of “La Rambla” newspaper, near the fountain. Although this slate no longer exists, the tradition of going down to Canaletes at la Rambla to comment on the game and celebrate the victories has continued until today.

Do you know the history of Canaletes fountain?

In addition to its soccer-related tradition, this fountain has its own history. Its name comes from the channels that brought water from Collserola to the Ciutat Vella de Barcelona, in the fourteenth century. When the general studies were created at this point in XVIII, this natural water source was used to build a fountain. When the old University was demolished at the end of the 19th century, they built the Canaletes fountain that we know today, with its four jets crowned by the Barcelona coat of arms and with a four-armed lamppost that rises from its center. This fountain has become one of the best known places in the city, as well as a place that every visitor, a fan of Barça or not, comes across, since it is located at the beginning of la Rambla.

In addition, the legend of the Canaletes fountain says that whoever drinks water from this fountain will fall in love with Barcelona and visit it again, although we believe that it is not necessary to drink from this fountain for that to happen.

Do you dare to go down to the fountain to experience the atmosphere of a Barça celebration and end the night with a cocktail in our bar lounge?

Photo of the Canaletes fountain

We leave you with some images of one of the FC Barcelona celebrations at the Canaletes fountain.